Video Game Testing – Learn How to Test Games Before Your First Interview

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Acquiring video game testing experience before you submit your resume and begin interviewing for your first your first paying video game tester job will greatly improve your odds of getting hired, and open many more doors for you. You will find many more job opportunities if you are able to put some authentic video game testing experience on your resume, even if it wasn’t paid experience. So then – how does one get experience testing games before getting hired as a video game tester? There are several ways:

o Beta Test for free. Microsoft, EA, Sony and Nintendo all run huge non-paid beta testing programs that will permit you to test their video games and file bugs. This won’t be a paid position, but it will allow you to learn the process of playing, testing, finding bugs and filing them. This will be a huge plus on your resume, and will gain you experience and perspective on how to actually test video games.

o Online gaming beta testing. Before any new massive online gaming infrastructure goes live, the beta testing is extensive. There are large amounts of bugs to be found and filed, and represents a great opportunity for you. So sign up for all the online game beta testing programs you can find, and you will gain much in real-world testing and bug-filing experience.

o At-home practice: Simply sit down to your favorite video game and a book covering the Principles and Fundamentals of Software Testing. As you work your way through the book, apply what you read to the game you are testing. Practice creating spreadsheets of Test Scenarios and Test Cases based on the guidelines you can find in any good book on software testing. Create practice test plans for the game you are playing and analyzing. Practice writing bugs using a good bug filing template, which you can also find in good software testing books.

o Getting Experience with Game Development – There are many good resources to pick up a few fundamentals on game design. Learning a few things, even practicing creating a simple game or designing a level, will look great on your resume, and make you a much better video game tester

o Education – One doesn’t require a college degree to become video game tester, but if you wish to advance in your new career path, taking some classes on programming, project management, game design, game art, and a number of other related subjects will assist you immensely – and show potential employers that you are serious about becoming a video game tester, and stand out from the crowd.

Being able to put these items onto your resume will be a great advantage for you when you interview. Very few entry-level game testers will have done more than one of these, so if you can put three or more on your resume, you will qualify for many more positions, and may even come in a step above entry level, with a better salary as well!


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